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Marrakech Desert Tours

One of the things that make your visit to Morocco memorable is a tour to the desert. When you are in the country, you can choose from a wide range of Morocco Marrakech desert tours. The tour you choose depends on your requirements. If you have enough time at hand, you can pick one that comprises multiple days. If you are short on time but want to experience the best of this historical country, you want to pick Morocco desert excursions that only last a few hours. Here is why Morocco Sahara desert tours are a must-do for any visitor to this country.

The Sahara Experience

It is the biggest desert on earth and so you don’t want to miss an opportunity to enjoy this landmark from the nature. No matter how careful you are, it is best that you let only the professionals guide you when you are in this desert.

The Worlds within the Desert

Camel trekking is recommended because Sahara is huge. Within the Moroccan deserts, you find awe-inspiring dunes, breathtaking landscapes, and stunning valleys. With Morocco Sahara desert tours, you can experience not only the desert but even the worlds within it.

The Tour That Suits Your Style

One of the things you will love about Sahara desert tours Morocco is that they offer you a variety of vehicle options. It is up to you how adventurous you are feeling at the time. You can take ATVs if you like adventures. However, there are buses if you want to focus on the sights rather than paying attention to your driving. The minibus tours are also perfect for families and groups.

The Familiarity with a Unique Culture

Irrespective of the type of tour you choose, you will have plenty of opportunities to touch upon the unique culture of the Moroccan people. Take a closer look at the lifestyle of the nomads or refresh your senses with some mint tea. You can leave all the talk and gossip behind and feel yourself in the moment. With Marrakech desert tours, you get to breathe and feel the desert. While Morocco has a lot of other landscapes to offer including some amazing beaches, but your experience of the country can never be complete without Morocco desert tours. These tours give you the opportunity to reach out to the cultures, rites, and traditions that you have only read about in books so far. So, decide the day of your visit and let’s meet in the desert.

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With Marrakech Desert, your dreams can become a reality, your wishes fulfilled and memories and unforgettable adventures The desert of Marrakech offers guided tours of the Sahara desert in 4 × 4 or comfortable and modern minibuses for all ages individuals, groups , families, friends, co-workers and corporate events.

morocco desert tours
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Zagora desert in 2 days


A condensed experience for people with tight schedules, this 2 days desert tour takes you accross the Atlas mountains to the foritifed village of Ait benhaddou and the Cinematic town of Ouarzazate then to the rocky desert of Zagora where you can enjoy a camel ride and overnight in a bedouin tent.

marrakech desert tours
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Merzouga desert in 3 days


This 3 days desert tour takes you to the infamous Merzouga Erg Chebbi dunes where you can enjoy a wonderful camel ride during the majestic Sahara sunset and an overnight in the bivouac in the middle of golden dunes, The tour covers many other attractions on the way...

marrakech desert tours
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Chegaga desert in 3 days


Chegaga is a new desert destination unknown to many, which makes it a wild and preserved desert heaven, due to the 60km rough offroad, it's only accessible by 4x4s, a chance to have the desert all to yourselves away from the crowds. Its dunes surpass in height and surface those in Merzouga...

Morocco Marrakech desert tours
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Chegaga desert in 4 days


The 4-day tour offers the same route as the 3-day tour, but at a slower pace to avoid the long ride on the last day and enjoy more scenery and more interesting places and routes. It is the best option to explore the desert and the south of Morocco without haste.

Morocco Private Desert Tours
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3 Days Marrakech to Fes


This tour is ideal for people visiting both Marrakech and Fes and lets you explore the south and the desert of Merzouga, visit beautiful gorges and spend an overnight in a traditional tent, cross the cedar forest and make your travel between the two cities a pleasant adventure .

Morocco desert excursions
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3 Days Fes To Marrakech


This tour is ideal for people visiting both Marrakech and Fes and lets you explore the south and the desert of Merzouga, cross the cedar forest and spend an overnight in a traditional tent, visit beautiful gorges and make your travel between the two cities a pleasant adventure...

Camel Trekking & Trips

We are nomads and we are in love with our desert. We want to share with all those who love freedom and want to discover nature with us, to be among those who live and respect the desert. Come experience the nomadic world, travel with us through the unique magical desert of Erg Chegaga Sahara and discover for yourself that dreams can come true.

Morocco Sahara desert tours
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Trekking 2 days in the Desert


For two days this circuit in the Moroccan desert will discover the oasis and Berber villages of the Draa Valley and you will sleep in tents. This excursion in the desert of southern Morocco will travel as part of a solidarity tourism, respectful of the natural environment and contributing to local development.

Sahara desert tours Morocco
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Trekking 4 days in the Desert


Camel trekking is not only a fun activity for tourists, but is a part of the tradition of the country as nomads have used camels as a form of transport for centuries. Following in their footsteps is an unforgettable experience, and visitors will have a few options to choose from.

Morocco desert tours from Marrakech
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Trekking 6 days in the Desert


6 days extraordinary days camel trek, hikking, walking and camels ride in the middle of the Sahara desert. You will visit oasis , dunes and Hamada each night in a bivouac under thousands stars . 6 days of hiking in a world of silence.you will learn how to make bread without modern materials, and how the nomades are living without modernity.