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Trekking Tours in Morocco

Trekking Tours in Morocco

Trekking Tours in Morocco

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Thanks to the trekking and desert hike Morocco, you will find the taste to observe, to feel fresh air, to listen and to admire the nature and beautiful desert landscapes of southern Morocco.

During your Trekking Tours in Morocco, you will discover the unique character of the desert landscape of southern Morocco (all the facets of the desert: from reg to erg, oasis, dunes, fossils, palm groves), share pleasant moments with the inhabitants as well as to discover the way of life of desert nomads.
A Trekking Tours in Morocco is certainly an ideal trip for a first approach of the desert, night under the stars. The southern Morocco, especially the Drâa Valley is a wonderful place for a desert trek with the family. Go with ALI; a guide well an experienced and professional guide, to discover the desert of Morocco in trekking.

Have you been dreaming of a trek in the Moroccan desert for a long time? Do not hesitate any more, we organize for you Trek and desert hiking Morocco. Our tours in the Moroccan desert adapt to your pace, your needs and the time you have. Two days, four days, six days or more? Enjoy a cheap trek for the duration that suits you. We organize them according to your needs.

Depending on the length of your holiday, we offer a wide range of Trek and desert hiking Morocco:

    Camel trekking is made easy and enjoyable through our services which include :

  • A refund when you arrive at the airport and a decent farewell to the airport on your return journey
  • Accomodation in a hotel or Riad on the first and last days if necessary
  • Rides between the airport and on the departure day are by minibus or by a 4x4
  • We give you the Quechua two seconds tent and sleeping bags so you can travel light, Camels carry your luggage
  • Four to five hours walk per day( trekking available to anyone who loves walking but not necessarily as a sport
  • We also provide you with expert guides who speak your language
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