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fez morocco

Fez is the oldest among the imperial cities of Morocco and founded in 789 in the Idrisid dynasty. It is among the most authentic cities of Morocco, renowned as a center for traditional artisans and artists. It is divided into three segments – the contemporary Ville Nouvelle quarter, Fes el-Jedid and Fes el-Bali.


It is present to the northwest of the Atlas mountain, located at the crossroad of the significant cities of all the areas. It is 240 mi (387 km) away from Marrakech to the southwest, 105 mi (169 km) from Rabat to the west and 153 MI (246 KM) from Casablanca. There are high grounds in the surroundings, and the ancient city consists of the Fez River flowing from the west to east. The Fes city approached the peak of its influence during the reign of Marinids.


Here are the best things that you can do and have a glimpse at the places during your trip to this beautiful city.


Quaraouiyine Mosque is the most famous building in the city, founded in 859. It is the home to the Al- Quaraouiyine University. It is a significant center for learning Islamic stuff. In Africa, it is also one of the most significant places of worship, and it can gather almost 20,000 individuals at the time of prayer. You can have a glimpse of the courtyard of the mosque via its main door.


Fez El-Bali is one of the preserved historic towns of the Muslim-Arab world. It is considered among the most extensive urban pedestrian zones in the word. It compromises of souks lined with shops, bustling squares, and maze-like a tapestry of confined streets. You can watch here the intricate lamps, colorful pottery, architectural landmarks, and donkey carts. The excellent way of exploring this place is to get lost in it.


All the educational institutes in Morocco are called Medrasas, and one of the finest madrasas in Fez is Al-Attarine. Completed in 1325 and commissioned by Marinid Sultan Abu Siad, aimed for hosting the students from the associated Quaraouiyine Mosque. You can climb up to the roof for the fantastic views of the green tiled roof of Quaraouiyine Mosque.


The largest and oldest tannery in the leather souk of Fes is Chaouwara Tannery, back to the ancient times. The archaic ingredients (involving pigeon feces, quicklime, and cow urine) are in use for curing the skins and drying out in the sunshine. You can visit the leather shops and have a look at the leather goods made from the hides of the tannery.

In addition to these activities, you can also wander through the Jewish quarter history, unwind in the garden of Jnan Sbil, and watch the military history at Borj Nord. You can increase your knowledge by visiting this peaceful place. Plan a trip to this beautiful place to adore the beauty of Fez.

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