Essaouira morocco

Here Are Some Famous Things To Do In Essaouira. Please Visit Essaouira And Enjoy These Things. The port city of Essaouira merits over multi day on your Morocco agenda. This rundown of activities will keep you involved amid your remain. Essaouira is an enchanting city with a long history along the Atlantic drift. Recorded locales, souks, and shorelines are the zone’s fundamental intrigue, yet you’ll additionally discover a lot of eccentric and bohemian workmanship exhibitions and stores; the city has moved toward becoming something of a center point for inventive spirits. The travel industry is quickly on the ascent in Essaouira, mostly because of the city having shot to acclaim when it highlighted in the famous Game of Thrones. There’s a decent selection of spots to remain, going from riads and lofts to visitor houses and inns. While Essaouira can be delighted in on multi day trip from spots like Marrakech, it’s very prescribed to spend no less than two or three days here to completely value its charms.

These Are The Absolute Best Things To See And Do In Essaouira:

  1. Investigate The Sqala

An old stronghold in the kasbah, the Sqala has the crisp and uneven waters of the Atlantic Ocean on three sides. A stronghold has remained at this spot since the 1500s, developed by the Portuguese to shield the city from intrusions. The prior stronghold was crushed however then revamped with high stone dividers and tough stone. Venture back in time with a stroll along the bulwarks and respect the perspectives over the sea. You’ll see the noteworthy island of Mogador out yonder as well, alongside little angling vessels swaying on the waves and seagulls taking off through the skies. Old guns still indicate out ocean, prepared to protect the city, and you can get on top for a cool picture.

  2. Stroll Around The Port

Essaouira was once home to one of Morocco’s primary angling ports. The port is as yet dynamic today, with anglers setting sail on the sea planning to come back with an abundant catch. Specialists run through the port, pulling nets and offload fish on the pontoons’ arrival. Solid ropes lie over the ways as individuals fix colossal nets and fix up vessels. Of all shapes and sizes pontoons sit in the port and there are, normally, more vessels moored up in the nighttimes after the anglers have come back from ocean.

  3. Eat New Fish

Essaouira has a lot of fish eateries where you can sink your teeth into the freshest gets. There are additionally merchants near the port moving fish snacks, and the fish advertise is perfect for individuals who need to source fixings to set up their own dishes. From fish tagine to flame broiled fish, numerous neighborhood dishes make utilization of the nearby angling industry. Sardines are especially rich, and you’ll additionally discover ocean urchins, squid, mussels, prawns, eel, and an assortment of other sea angle.

  4. Shop In The Souks

The customary souks of Essaouira spread through the old medina, with little stores and slows down found down thin back roads, in bigger squares, and along more extensive walkways. The air is significantly more laid back than in the souks of Marrakech, Fez, Tangier, and other bigger urban communities, however you will in any case need to consult to get the best costs on things. Expressions and specialties, made by nearby craftsmen, are among the more interesting things to bring home, and neighborhood items incorporate cut wood and enamel merchandise. Earthenware, dress, family products, toys, covers, and flavors are likewise regular things in the souks, and resplendent lights and tea sets can make for extraordinary presents for any individual who adores Morocco’s soul. Because of Essaouira’s prime area near the nation’s argan-developing zone, argan oil items, including shampoos, cleansers, and creams, are plenteous. Look into little workshops all through the souks and you’ll see craftsmans working diligently.

5. Walk Around The Medina

The old medina of Essaouira is today an UNESCO-recorded World Heritage Site. Perceive how individuals have lived for a long time, with enhancing entryways giving a section into tall austere riads, limited lanes and paths, curves, and little stores. The medina is pedestrianized, in spite of the fact that that doesn’t imply that you won’t detect the odd motorbike, bikes, and jackass with truck crossing the boulevards.

6. See The Mellah

By far most of Jews have now left, with many having moved to Israel on its creation during the 1950s, leaving disintegrating spray painting secured structures and rotting boulevards as a pitiful notice of their time in the city. Strikingly, in times passed by, Essaouira was home to an expansive Jewish populace, with Jews and Muslims existing together agreeably next to each other. Surely, practically 50% of the nearby network was once Jewish. It’s ghostly and fairly dismal to see direct the indications of age and see the end result for a zone when it is deserted. Stray felines currently sneak the roads, eagerly yarling for scraps, and neighborhood whores welcome men into soiled and earth filled spaces for some a long way from-sentimental brief experiences.

7. Meander Along The Shoreline

Essaouira has a long and wide sandy shoreline, giving an ideal spot to appreciate the perspectives and stroll along the sands. A solid breeze blows through the region for the majority of the year, making sunbathing and swimming unthinkable for everything except the most obstinate! The breezes do, notwithstanding, help to make the perfect conditions for surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. Camels regularly give rides along the sands as well.

8. Visit Argan Cooperatives

There are numerous argan cooperatives around Essaouira, where ladies work resolutely to extricate the valuable argan oil from the nuts. Albeit fundamentally went for voyagers, it’s intriguing to see the work concentrated process and get familiar with argan.

Erg Chigaga

Erg Chigaga

erg Chigaga is the untouched and most massive Saharan ergs in Morocco of the Sahara; the other one is Erg Chebbi close to the Merzouga. It is quite demanding to access; you can access it on foot, camel or 4 x 4. The Erg Chigaga is less visited as compared to the Erg Chebbi. Due to this reason, Erg Chigaga is among the most likely and beloved places by artists and purists like fine art photographers and landscape painters.


Erg Chigaga is made up of stunning dunes and situated in an area of Draa Tafilalet about 60km west of the town, itself situated about 98 km south of Zagora town. With a width of 15km and a length of 40km, some of the dunes are approximately 300 m in height; it is the wildest and largest in Morocco.


The Erg Chegaga Dunes in Morocco are the best place for the adventures of Sahara that allow the travelers and tourists to confined themselves from the lights of the city and explore themselves in the center of nowhere. Erg Chigaga is regarded as the actual Sahara desert with its unique flora and fauna and dunes of rustic color.
The journey to the Erg Chigaga is only for those individuals who wish to discover the desolate and rocky areas of Sahara. You can enjoy at Erg Chigaga through a diversity of following activities.


Numerous people prefer riding on camels as compared to walking. You can enjoy the camel ride for a minimum of half an hour and a maximum of 5 hours. It depends on you. You can enjoy the camel rides and make pictures for creating awesome memories. You can have lunch after the camel rides and get relaxed under trees close to the dunes.


Some people love to walk to make their trips memorable. For such people, walking to the highest dune is impressive. You can walk around the camp in the dunes. Before choosing the long walks, it is important to remember the way otherwise you can get lost easily. You can watch multiple things while walking like flora, fauna, insect and bird life and also the dunes according to your interests.


It is mainly a demanding activity that involves walking up a dune for about 15 minutes and then sliding down for half a minute. If you enjoy this activity, it will be enormous fun. You can also practice your beloved sports game and start surfing in the sand.


You can find an area for peace and relaxation every evening close to the top of the dunes. It is a fit place for watching the sunset and absorbs yourself in the serenity and placidity of this place.
Other than these activities, different individuals enjoy a picnic at the oasis, games involving cycling, cooking, and musical entertainment. Just pay a visit to the peaceful Erg Chigaga to enjoy the tranquility of this place.

Dades Gorge

dades gorge

A tiny small town surrounded by big walls carved over millions of years. It would be a humble experience to walk between the rocks. It attracts the rock climbers all over the world who want to ascend and discover these reddish and solid routes of limestones or coral reefs.
The area of Dades Gorge was under the sea millions of years ago. Movement of earth crust and deposition of coral reefs and sedimentary rocks causes the land to rise above the sea. There are many giant colored walls in gorges ranges from 700 to 1800 feet. Gorges are renowned in the world for their almond trees, groves and extensive production of roses in southern areas.


Dades Gorges are located in the eastern part of Morocco in Region of Atlas Mountains. It is present at a distance of a couple of hours from Merzouga which is a city mainly known for trips and Tinerhir which is a town known for abandoned castles and mud.


When you decided to visit Dades Gorges the feeling would be different. Gorge is a city known for its ancient alms and monuments as it attracts visitors from around the world to explore some new ideas that we in practice in the past. You’ll find a lot of information and learn about limestone’s, sedimentary rocks, coral reefs and many other ancient things evolved from the sea.


If you are not a rock climber, don’t worry. There are a lot of mountain trails where you can enjoy hiking. You can also explore ancient Berber villages where you can enjoy the stay with a cup of tea with nomads of gorges regions. Gorge loop hike is the best three-hour hike trail above the mountains in gorges. To get to this trailhead, you have to cross the Moroccan clothes and merchant stalls and arrive at the northern exit where you will start your trail.


Morocco is well known for its high peak rocky mountains extending up to High Atlas. Dades Gorge is one of the famous rock climbing destinations in Morocco. There are more than 400 climbing routes including good bolted ones and poor bolted too. It is an excellent place for beginners to learn how to climb. There are difficult climbing routes throughout. You can also rent rock climbing equipment from the entrance of gorge at the shops located in Tizgui village.


KSAR is an area between Tinerhir and Dades Gorges. You can explore different states of deterioration. It would be fun for visitors to explore old abandoned mud bricks castles. The castles or walls usually falls due to abandonment so be careful while visiting and wandering into the streets. Ksar Asfalou is another interesting architecture located on a huge cliff. It is the place where Jewish and Muslim students use to study under the same roof. A paved road 5 km road from Tinerhir to gorges takes you here.



The blue city of Morocco is known as Chefchaouen. As the name indicates, almost all the houses consist of blue paints. The Jewish refugees who survived here a million years ago painted the houses blue. It is not crowded but a famous destination by the tourists. For wandering all around in the city, you can spend a minimum of two days.


Chefchaouen is also renowned as Chaouen; it is a city in the northwest of Morocco. It is famous for its blue buildings and hoses. It is present inland from Tetouan and Tangier. The town founded by Idris I and Al-Alami in 1471. Many Jews and Moriscos settled here along with the Ghomara tribute of the region in the medieval times.


It is known that anybody who tours Chefchaouen is due to his reputation as it is the central region for the plantation of marijuana. Some great things to do in Chefchaouen aside from smoking are:


You can wake up early in the morning, go to the rooftop of the riad and enjoy the beautiful sunrise during your trip. Similarly, when you are down in another moment of sunset, you can climb the way to a hill where you can enjoy a unique view all over the city.


You will find the taste of food in Morocco the best you had ever tasted. You will find homemade that people bake in the ovens at every corner of the slowing streets. You can enjoy the typical dishes of Morocco involving vegetables, spices, fish and couscous at restaurants. After the food, you can’t leave without having a cup of tea prepared by the fresh mint. It is considered a tradition in Chefchaouen, not only for the togetherness but it also provides some benefits to your health.


In the old blue city (Medina), you can explore the steep climbs and narrow alleys. You will be amazed to see a different blue shade at each corner wherever you go. Chefchaouen is a renowned destination for shopping, as it provides numerous local handicrafts like woven blankets and garments that are not present in other parts of Morocco. The most popular thing with the tourists is goat cheese, and the inhabitants serve it with a variety of dishes.


There are three principal things that you should prefer to do when you are going to see nature in Chefchaouen.
* Hiking National Park, Talassemtane
* Bridge of God
* Waterfall, Ras el Maa


If you are going around Morocco, it is a great choice to go by a local bus that goes to Fes. You will glance at the beautiful sceneries during the trip and make memories within some hours on a local bus.
These are some of the things that you can do whenever you visit the blue city of Morocco, Chefchaouen.

Ait BenHaddou

ait ben haddou

When you plan your trip to Morocco, you can put your faith in the beauty of Ait Ben Haddou. Ait Ben Haddou is among the mysterious, peaceful and jaw-dropping sites in all over Morocco. It is an excellent place near Ouarzazate in the mountains. When you stay overnight, you can watch the beautiful scenes of sunrise and sunset associated with the fantastic architecture and history.


Ait Ben Haddou is a fortified village involving the route between Marrakech and Sahara. It is a city of Morocco, a traditional Mud Brick city present on the edge of the High Atlas Mountains. Most of the citizens get attracted by the travelers’ trade present in the modern dwellings on the other side of the river.


Here is the list of things that keep you busy at Ait Ben Haddou, where to stay, what to eat and all other information.
There is not much to do at Ait Ben Haddou apart from the old Kasbah. When you are continuously haggled and hassled inside Marrakech, you will feel this quiet town beautiful.
If you get bored after spending a night or more, you can check your closest town of Ouarzazate. It is quite easy to reach there by car, and it is the base of Atlas Studio – a studio of films with sets and props from numerous movies.
At Ait Ben Haddou, don’t forget to do the following activities.
Admiring the local crafts: there is a difference between the souvenirs present here and the one present in the Marrakech. The shop owners are quite friendly and jolly.
Hiking the hills: the hills across from the Kasbah and above the Kasbah permit entirely different sceneries of the associated areas. Always assure to lift them both.
Appreciating the golden hour: Ait Ben Haddou is one of the most significant places for watching the sunset in Morocco. You can find out the rooftop, get the camera prepared and see the sun slip along the horizon.
Saying ‘hi’ to the farm animals: You can head inside the Kasbah and watch if you can explore the farm animals


When you book your trip to Ait Ben Haddou as a part of a tour of Sahara desert, you can stay there for a maximum an hour or two. The drive from Merzouga to Marrakech is long and different people try to get to the deserts as fast as possible.


Hotels surround the area around the Ait Ben Haddou. You can find the hotels with a variety of facilities like air conditioning or a heater, free breakfast on the terrace, hot showers, and free Wi-Fi.

If you are finding out for the unique and fantastic experience, you can have stay inside the Ait Ben Haddou. You can make your trip memorable by the excellent food and activities that you can do at this place.