Morocco Bygone Days To Present Ways

Morocco - Bygone Days To Present Ways
Morocco – Bygone Days To Present Ways

Morocco – Bygone Days To Present Ways, Morocco has a history as important as any other in Africa, Eurasia or America. In some parts of the world, when humans first learned that stones make better tools than twigs, the Moroccan mountains and their interior were inhabited by Libyan and Ethiopian settlers named Barbaroy. Phoenician trading posts soon developed rapidly at the ports of Chela (Rabat) and Tingis (Tangier). Morocco has a long history that should not be ignored.

During the tiring days, the Sahara desert broke out with flora and fauna as well as hunters and gatherers. These first humans were among the earliest ancestors of Morocco. Archaeologists have also pointed out that Morocco blushed with humanity during the Stone Age before people reached Egypt, Algeria and Libya.

These earliest settlers – now Berbers – thwarted any attempt to invade the interior of Morocco. When the Romans arrived a few years later, the Moroccan Berbers surprisingly opposed this occupation. Although the Romans occupied most of Outer Morocco, the Reef Mountains and High Atlas Mountains were untouched for centuries. Later, when the Vandal and Byzantine armies invaded Morocco as their own, the interior – the Berbers of the High Atlas Mountains – remained united and invincible.

Morocco – Bygone Days To Present Ways, The Moroccan Berber is not Islamic, not even when Islam reached Tunisia around 650 AD, or when it reached the Moroccan plains from Musa Ibn Nasr. More Moroccans – former Christians and Jews – converted to Islam before unifying the state – and its Berbers – into the broad religion of Islam today. Under Moulay Idris II, Arab rule controlled most of Morocco. With the creation of Fez as an influential city along the trade route and the famous Kairawin University, Arab influence became unstoppable.

The dynasties that ruled Morocco came and went. From the Almoravids, Almohads, Merenids to the Wattasids, Saadians and Alaouites, Moroccan sovereignty sees countless hills and valleys. The state has gone from one power of government to the next. Even in the 20th century, power struggles seem to have become commonplace.

France colonized Morocco in the early 1900s. With a similar model used elsewhere – even in Tunisia and Algeria – French hegemony was flourishing, despite sharing parts of the country near the Atlantic and Mediterranean with Spain. The French cleverly gave (some) their mountain and tribal guides a certain degree of independence. Rabat and Casablanca are French-style administrative capitals. Over time, World War II and several national and international tensions, Sidi Mohammed became King of Morocco in 1956. Spain still controlled Sebta and Mellila on the Mediterranean coast.

Morocco – Bygone Days To Present Ways, Today Morocco has some extraordinary relationships with the rest of the world. The newest ruler, King Mohammed VI, maintains various friendships and alliances with Arab and Western circles. Although Western Sahara remains in doubt, the current king expressed concern that he would optimistically help Morocco enter the modern world as a competitor to the global economy and market.

Touring in Morocco and tourism in Morocco are growing rapidly. With the increase in the number of tourists, the country is about to change (perhaps more west). Morocco should be visited earlier rather than later to better understand old traditions mixed with new ways of thinking and acting.

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26 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Morocco on Tourism

26 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Morocco on Tourism
26 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Morocco on Tourism

26 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Morocco on Tourism Morocco is a wondrous, eyes-open taste of the exotic, It’s also an adventure into some of North Africa’s most stunning scenery with the desert on its doorstep and the craggy heights of the Atlas Mountains beyond. Morocco is also a journey into a timeless, tranquil world of cute coastal villages, colorful-painted towns that cling to hillsides and remote outposts defended by fairytale adobe forts. This fascinating country is a merging of the African and Arab worlds, and is steeped in age-old customs. It’s no wonder Morocco has been feted by artists and writers for decades and continues to enchant all who visit.

There are 26 things you need to know before traveling to Morocco on tourism:

26 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Morocco on Tourism:

  1. More and more people are visiting Morocco every year.
  2. It’s a beautiful country
  3. Morocco is one of the peaceful countries in the whole world with a lot of places of interest to visit especially when you are embarking on tourism.
  4. You don’t need any vaccinations before you go to Morocco, except you decide on your own, but it is not compulsory. Although it is advisable to vaccinate yourself to avoid being infected with rabies and hepatitis etc, but in the past, no one has had trouble with health issues.
  5. Exchange of Moroccan Dirham to 1 dollar is 10.08 Dirham
  6. Morocco is a great travel bargain. Relatively speaking, the rate of the Dirham is good, and it’s steady, so there shouldn’t be a lot of surprises.
  7. Hotels in Morocco are cheap, good value, and usually pretty easy to find.
  8. Visa and MasterCard are accepted at most ATM for cash advances, but remember credit cards are not accepted at a lot of smaller shops. The maximum amount you can withdraw is usually 4000 dirham which is around 370 Euro, 460 USD or 230 British pounds.
  9. Once you’re in Morocco, you will need cash immediately to pay for transportation. You’d best go to the first ATM you see at the airport, but don’t take a lot there.
  10. Don’t carry a huge amount of money when moving about to avoid losing your money. Hide most of it in your hotel and only take with you what you might expect to spend for that day.
  11. Hold a few 1-dirham coins in a pocket for when you encounter beggars. If you can afford a holiday in Morocco, you can afford to give a coin to a beggar. I do all the time.
  12. In Morocco, don’t use your left hand to do anything socially important, like eat or shake hands. Moroccans feel that is unclean especially in public, be aware of this important cultural distinction.
  13. In Morocco, women often dress modestly in their culture and the Western tendency to want to run around in tank tops and short when it’s hot (it’s usually hot!) is outside their custom.
  14. A woman traveling to Morocco should wear long skirts and dresses, jeans or pants that cover the knees, draping tunics, polo shirts, and camisoles that can be worn under sweaters and cardigans. Women generally wear sandals or loafers; rarely do they wear heels.
  15. In Morocco, 99% of its population is Muslims. Therefore, the first rule to dressing in Morocco is to respect Islam’s emphasis on modesty. Clothes and accessories are not meant to attract attention or excessively reveal the body. Women should ensure that their clothes do not expose the décolletage, shoulders, or thighs.
  16. In Morocco, unless you want to attract attention, it’s best to limit the display of ostentatious jewelry, luxury handbags, and high-end electronics.
  17. In general, men should wear long pants with a shirt, ideally a collared one. Men can wear sandals, loafers, or sneakers – whatever is appropriate for the context of the visit. While some boys and young men wear shorts in public, it is less common, particularly among adult men.
  18. Morocco is sweltering in the summer months; however, it’s still necessary to cover the shoulders and legs. For women, a loose maxi dress with a light sweater or scarf over the shoulders is a brilliant way to stay cool and blend in with women who wear jabadors and kaftans.
  19. It’s not necessary for non-Muslim women to wear a hijab, or a veil that conceals a woman’s hair. Moroccan women choose for themselves whether or not they wish to cover and this decision is largely based on religious motivations.
  20. In Morocco, it’s easy to get alcohol at many bars despite the Muslim stricture against it. In bigger cities, like Casablanca or Marrakech, you can find bars and nightclubs where they like to party until day break
  21. A travel-insurance policy to cover theft, loss and, in particular, medical problems is strongly recommended for all visitors to Morocco.
  22. Driving Make sure you have adequate travel medical insurance and any relevant car insurance if you’re driving.
  23. Extensions: if you need to extend your cover on the road, do so before it expires or a more expensive premium may apply.
  24. In Morocco, almost all English-speaking countries (with the exception of South Africa) require no visa to enter the country, and visitors can stay up to 90 days, So check with the Moroccan embassy online in your own country just to be sure.
  25. In Morocco, it is most likely you will need a power converter especially if you want to charge your cell phone.
  26. In Morocco, guys can dress however they like, but women need to dress more conservatively

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For more information about Morocco trekking and tour information about Morocco holidays, please visit us . We have a quality Morocco travel guide that is updated every day by our wonderfully gifted staff writers. We enjoy sharing information about what Morocco has to offer every sort of traveler.

Morocco Travel Agency Tips For Your Morocco Holidays

Morocco Travel Agency
Morocco Travel Agency

Morocco Travel Agency Starting a vacation in Morocco is the perfect escape for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life with its rich cultural heritage that evokes nostalgia in the mind and soul of the traveler. However, will you make sure that your vacation is smooth and hassle free? To minimize the possibility of dissatisfaction at the end of your vacation, contact a Moroccan travel agent who has determined the pros and cons of your stay in Morocco.

Especially traveling in the spring months, when Morocco is in bloom with a dazzling palette of colors and greens. The temperature during spring offers tourists comfort as it is neither too hot nor too cold. Being in Morocco in summer or winter can be daunting for some people because the temperature can be very extreme.

Additionally, a good Moroccan travel agent will recommend you try a riad in Morocco, a simple traditional house built around a garden. Some of the places you will want to visit to see the riad are Marrakech, Fes and Essaouira. When traveling in Morocco, remember to tip at the end of the service, eg. B. restaurants, taxi drivers, and bells, because Moroccans have a tipping culture. If the locals offer you mint tea, accept it as this is the pinnacle of Moroccan hospitality.

However, if you are a woman traveling to Morocco; Don’t let the guys follow you because they are known to cheat there. They tend to flirt with foreign women who will go off on their own and not leave them at all. So check with your local Morocco Travel Agency if the rule of thumb is to follow the local dress code, eg. For example, wear a jalaba or go for the “western” look by wearing tights and a leather top. Moroccan men may find their hair sexy, but women should definitely tie their hair up when traveling to Morocco if they don’t want to be disturbed too often.

Men in Morocco don’t approach women who have respected them and when they turn to women, they only show a lack of respect for them. So if you need to seek help, look for local women or older men as the occupants are usually both male and young.

Don’t worry because you actually know what to do and what not to do while in Morocco. If you are still planning to travel to Morocco, a local Morocco Travel Agency is sure to take you on an unforgettable vacation that will make you smile for life.

Morocco Travel Agency

Based in Marrakech, Morocco, Morocco Travel Agency provides luxury Moroccan travel package services to private Moroccan travel agencies including Moroccan tour guides suitable for families, couples, singles and small groups at affordable prices. Contact us to organize your Moroccan vacation for your best Moroccan vacation!

Where to Go on a Morocco Trip

Where to Go on a Morocco Trip
Where to Go on a Morocco Trip

Morocco is a beautiful, exotic land that offers visitors the opportunity to see it in all its glory. It has attracted people for over 200 years and due to its proximity to Spain, it has always attracted people so they can learn more about the country’s culture and history. Modern Morocco is not as rich as other countries, but very few of its people suffer from basic necessities or necessities. It has a very impressive infrastructure and a macroeconomic situation is developing.

It is also a very safe and stable country for traveling. It’s a land of contrasts, and a short drive outside the city will take you to areas of Morocco where people like the Berbers have lived as they have for centuries. The country is full of cities ranging from modern wonders to historic landmarks and holy cities where no one but Muslims can walk. Mysterious and exotic, Morocco is a beautiful place to visit.

The best cities in Morocco

Each city in Morocco offers visitors a unique glimpse into the country’s culture and heritage mixed with modern influences from today’s society. If you are looking for a place with great nightlife and sunny beaches, Agadir is the place for you. It is one of the few truly modern cities in Morocco and was rebuilt in the 1960s after a massive earthquake that destroyed it. When it was restored, it was done in European style.

Taroudannt – an hour outside Agadir

is full of ancient Moroccan tourist attractions and the country’s most comprehensive city wall complex. And that’s not counting the good hotels and restaurants. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco, Essaouira is also an attraction for tourists looking to enjoy the beach. It is considered a major city in the country.

Marrakech, Tangier, Fes and Casablanca are perhaps the most famous cities in Morocco. Each of these cities has appeared in various TV shows, films, and other references to pop culture and made them known without having actually been experienced. Marrakech is known among its citizens as a city that never sleeps. There is food and entertainment late at night. Tangier was once known for its shocking share of smuggling, mafia, and other petty crimes, while the city is tidied up into a very safe city to travel to with very cute and friendly residents.

Fes is the oldest medieval city in the world and is so large that you can easily get lost in the many streets and alleys. It is known from the film of the same name, Casablanca is a very modern city that attracts young tourists to the country. It is also the city where most people enter and leave the country, making it one of the busiest in Morocco.

Nature’s finest in Morocco

Morocco is also a country with sparse and unpredictable rainfall, cool high mountains with lots of sun and hot with winds outside the Sahara. Rugged mountains, agricultural green areas and vegetation as well as dunes and oases make up the Moroccan landscape. The country’s rivers are the ingredients for her life. The further south you are, the more unique and arid the land will be.

The Sarharo Mountains are isolated, barren and the people who live on their slopes think they are more independent. Smara, a typical town in the Sahara, has houses that are all red and use local colors to add value to their village. Todra Gorge offers visitors some unusual rock formations rising 300 meters above the ground and many of the sand dunes in the Sahara, such as the one near Merzouga called Erg Chebi.

Chefchaouen is one of the friendliest and cleanest cities in Morocco, filled with white houses with blue doors and a reputation as the hash capital of the world. The town of Walidia is famous for its beautiful lagoons and oysters and its warm water is suitable for children to swim. After all, Oukaimeden is where you want to go skiing if you love winter sports.

Morocco offers visitors more than just sitting in the sun and enjoying the warm air. It provides you with many places to visit while in the country, both historic and modern, and provides you with a delightful getaway from the modern world.

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Tips on What to Pack Before a Tour to Morocco

Tips on What to Pack Before a Tour to Morocco
Tips on What to Pack Before a Tour to Morocco

When traveling to Morocco one often wonders what to pack. Some people worry about safety and forget things that are important. Morocco is actually quite safe and it is doubtful that something will be stolen from you. People sometimes forget the most obvious things and end up regretting them. From personal experience, here are some of the most important things you should take with you on your tour.

One thing you should take with you is your bathing suit, especially if you are planning a fancier tour. Most of the nicer hotels and riads in Morocco have beautiful clean pools for your enjoyment. The weather in Morocco is hot in summer and when you travel to the Sahara the desert is always warm and sunny.

Another important thing for your trip to Morocco is a camera. Morocco is not known for its theft and you and your electronic devices need to be protected from unwanted hands. Morocco is also a beautiful place and it is known that many people fill up their entire camera memory cards! There are so many beautiful sceneries that you can use your camera to capture a moment that you will never forget. Whether it’s medina shopping or riding a camel, these memories will stay with you forever.

The right clothes are always beautiful wherever you go. The weather in Morocco changes drastically with the seasons, so it’s always good to be prepared. Contrary to popular belief, winter in Morocco is very cold and it will snow in many places. Most people believe that Morocco will never cool off in Africa, especially near the Sahara. Now your snowsuit is no longer needed, but a jacket will come in handy. The desert is hot no matter what season it is. Mornings can be very cold in winter, but in the morning the temperature rises significantly. Light clothing is sought after in summer. Moroccan culture has stricter ideas about modesty for women; If it bothers you, wear short sleeves and long pants. It might be good to adapt to their culture. In more modern cities like Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech, wishes are acceptable, but shorts are not.

You can pack your computer as WiFi is very common in Morocco. If you have a computer with you, it might be a good idea to use it rarely as this is for vacation, not business. You only have to pay a few dirhams to get on the internet and the better hotels and restaurants offer this for free.

Another thing to watch out for is your double ended round plug adapter. Morocco does not have square or triple jagged plugs. Note that the adapter does not change the current. Even if you have the right adapter, you will need a transformer to convert it to 220. It would be a shame to destroy a device by plugging in the wrong power.

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Morocco Tourism

morocco tourism

Dessert spots shake the ground, where beaches stretch across romantic plains, where giant towers seem to whisper tales of culture, tradition and history to heaven’s ears, where newcomers enjoy moments of pure bliss, and where arts and crafts meet culture Phenomenon of the place – like a refreshing Moroccan atmosphere.

Morocco Tourism The multicultural ethnic environment provides visitors with a very favorable environment where they can enjoy the ecstasy of emerald green water on one side, and feel the warmth of love in the white desert on the other, where they can see the lush valleys that challenge the Atlas Mountains. . It’s no wonder Morocco enjoys the charm of being one of Africa’s most visited destinations on the route of world explorers.
Morocco has a glorious past where its native Berbers had to witness invasions of Phoenicians, Carthages, Vandals, Byzantines, etc. It was only in 682 AD, when the Arabs arrived here, that he saw several dynasties created by the Arabs. The history of Morocco is marked by conflicts between Berbers and Arabs. The Moroccan territorial dispute also forms a strong foundation for the country’s history.

Fairy tales make Moroccan Tourism culture authentic. As a Muslim country, the forbidden line has never crossed. Women in these countries are not allowed to wear flashy clothing. Even visitors here need to be aware of this fact to enjoy a hassle-free tour.

Religious sentiments are highly adored by residents and especially in the lucky month of Ramadan. Homosexuality may be the noise of the modern world, but here it is an offense. Sexual relations outside of marriage are a criminal offense. However, Moroccan conservatism does not mean it is lagging behind today. Morocco Tourism, in its own way, is a perfect combination of modern fashion styles and traditional culture.

Visitors to Morocco Tourism have the great opportunity to immerse themselves in a fun, fun activity. It is very difficult to resist the temptation of adventure sports in Morocco including hiking and walking, hiking in the Atlas Mountains, golf, club horse riding, water sports that are a real draw on sunny kissing beaches, skiing and quad biking. move. This activity is more than enough to look after passengers.

Rural tourists should not miss the tourist attractions of Morocco. These attractions have secured a permanent place on the travelers route. Some of these include the Qutubiya Mosque (Book Seller Mosque), Jemaa el-Fna, Dar Si Said Museum, Saadian and Oukaimeden Tombs in Marrakech; Karauin Mosque, leather workshop, City Gate of Fes, Zauya Mulay Idris II in Fes.
Rabat is home to some of Morocco’s best attractions such as the Kasbah des Oudaïas, palaces, archaeological museums, gardens, Chellah fort, Hasan Mosque, Medina, Casablanca, Temara and many more. Popular places in Morocco that are included in the popular tourist list are Asilah, Fes, Marrakech, Imil Gorges, Rabat, Tangier, Tineher, Merzouga Dunes and Zagora.

Travel to Morocco is necessary to gain life experience. So what are you waiting for? Just pack your bags, make a reservation, and fly to Morocco to enjoy highland culture, traditions, handicrafts, adventure sports, fun activities, heartbreaking destinations and sparkling tourist attractions.

Morocco Tours For more information about Morocco trekking and tour information about Morocco holidays, please visit us . We have a quality Morocco travel guide that is updated every day by our wonderfully gifted staff writers. We enjoy sharing information about what Morocco has to offer every sort of traveler.

Things to do in Erg chigaga

It’s not just the sand that makes the desert. This is also his approach: in the verticality of the light, in the void created by the heat in the breath, then in the blinding streets of hamlets which are silted up. In Morocco, the further south you drive after Ouarzazate, the more you cross the lofty desolation of the Anti-Atlas and the miracle of palm groves, before finally plunging into the wild desert: the distant erg Chegaga.

Unlike Erg Chebbi, his brother frequented near Merzouga, this desert of vast dunes can be won: four days of dromedary or three hours of track from MHamid, a quiet gateway to the desert near the closed border (and monitored) with Algeria. Is it an adventure? At least that’s the idea, a sketch. Leave the Atlantic whiteness of Casablanca, the madness of Marrakech and the dizziness of the High Atlas to enter the sterility and silence that reminds us of nothing, if not to ourselves.

At the end of May, it is unfortunately too late for camel trekking: it is a bitter summer. In the middle of the afternoon, it can be 45 degrees; impossible, under these conditions, to keep in the sun, neither for the animals nor for us.

Top 4 Things to do in Erg chigaga:

  • On an expedition in the Sahara, you will live an unforgettable experience… Go for a few days of bivouac, to the rhythm of the Sahrawi nomads; these blue men of the desert will serve as your guide in the middle of the dunes, and will make you discover the secrets of their culture and their traditions.
  • From MHamid, go on an adventure in the dunes of Erg Chigaga! Absolutely splendid, you can only reach them in 4X4, after 3 / 4h of trekking. Far from civilization, the site is absolutely ideal for a bivouac! Nearby, you can also go to the heart of Erg Lehoudi. Much larger, it is accessible with any vehicle.
  • On the other side of Erg Chigaga, east of MHamid, you will find ancient Lake Iriki, near Foum Zguid. This beautiful excursion through the desert will take you in the middle of a huge dry depression, witness to a time when the region was still green. Ideal destination for a trek in the middle of the desert, we recommend a delicious stopover in an inn or a camp located at the foot of the dunes.
  • Take a walk north of Mhamid in the heart of the Draa valley. After 6km of road you will discover the oases of Ouled Driss. Take the time to stroll under the shade of date palms, among the grain fields. By taking the road back to Agdz, you will come across many palm groves in the middle of which stand the fabulous kasbahs of Draâ.
Camel Trekking Morocco For more information about Morocco trekking, please visit us

Hiking Morocco – Know It Before You Go At It

Hiking Morocco
Hiking Morocco

Morocco was recently “discovered” by outsiders: Westerners, a politically correct term, including anyone who comes from outside. These Westerners came from all over Western Europe, Canada and the United States. Although maps have become more accessible, most “footpaths” are easy routes for donkeys,Hiking Morocco or ex-caravans. One of the best and most effective ways to do independent tourism ina Morocco is to hire a tour operator in Morocco. Useful tour operators in this country (remember) know the best way to travel in Morocco.

Although mules and guides can be hired to carry this heavy load, try to be in relatively good condition for Hiking Morocco / walking / trekking / kicking to hike or hike in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains (the same goes for the Middle Atlas Mountains). The ups and downs are expected in middle class mountain tourism. For example, depending on the route you take, it stops around 1700 to over 2000 meters. If you are planning to climb Mount Toubkal your hike will take more than 3000 and 4000 meters.

Most tourists in Morocco come to Mount Tubkal and expect heights. While it was impossible for some to adjust to before coming to Morocco, it really wasn’t necessary. If you experience signs of altitude sickness, you will soon experience headaches, difficulty breathing, fatigue, dizziness, and muscle cramps (give or take part of this deficiency). However, all this suffering will disappear at a height or two hundred meters. Most tourists in Morocco are fine (and adjusting to) after a night at the Neltnerhütte (base camp) on Mount Toubkal.

The Atlas Mountains in Morocco are usually visited by tourists from July to September. With longer, sunny hours, pleasant camping, no snow, less rainfall, and much lower temperatures than in Chefchaouen, Marrakech or Fes, the High Atlas offers refuge for thousands of tourists who travel day, night and day. day. However, it is advisable to watch out for floods and thunderstorms, especially in the Ait Bouguemez valley. Try climbing the canyon only when you are sure there are no storms on the horizon. In addition, the transition in Morocco requires a strong mental restraint against madness while fighting flies, monsters, mosquitoes, dust, heat, sun and dry bodies.

If you are planning to hike or hike in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains in the cooler months, it is advisable to start and finish early. Dawn was late and dawn was still early. It requires cold hikes and freezing nights. Most mountain guides in Morocco also don’t want to exceed a certain height or want to reach its peak in winter. While there are a few other options, with some great bottom bunk beds, like in M’Goun, one should pay attention to the weather and be prepared for the worst and coldest conditions. If you expect the donkey to carry your load, make sure that it doesn’t happen during harvest or plowing season. It is almost impossible to find someone who simply wants to donate agricultural “machines” to his family.

If you plan to hike more than a day anywhere in Morocco, it is advisable to pack only essential items. Though you can use a donkey, all you need to bring is a sleeping bag, sleeping mat, raincoat, spare clothes, a first aid kit, some snacks, a water bottle, sweater, walking stick, water filter, and hat. Usually most mountain guides in Morocco ship canvas tents. Hiking Morocco Before you go, be sure to ask your tour operator in Morocco if you need to rent, buy or bring a tent. Once you travel to Morocco, there is no way you can meet this need. Your trip to Morocco will be even better with more that you know before you leave.

Morocco opens up an influx of tourists, visitors, tourists and tourists. Contact your knowledgeable and fun Morocco tour operator for the best deals and arrangements needed before traveling to Morocco.

For more information on Morocco travel and travel information in Morocco and Hiking Morocco, please visit us at Marrakech desert tours. We have a Quality Guide for Morocco which is updated daily by our very talented staff. We are happy to inform each traveler about what Morocco has to offer.

Our Morocco Tours Packages

We offer short day trips, long holiday trips, small group excursions, Camel Trek, and private tours. Our services allow you to explore Morocco’s most beautiful places for a one-of-a-kind and jaw-dropping experience! Our excursions through the Sahara Desert in Morocco

Reasons to Choose Morocco Holidays

Morocco Holidays

When there are so many types of holidays that you can choose from, you really have to wonder why you may go to Morocco and not other places. Obviously, there are lots of things we see on TV and online that the country is a vibrant tourist destination and with an extraordinary culture. But as soon as you get there you get to experience all of that firsthand and it’s nothing short of amazing every time. The location is unique, you have lots of activities to explore and the features themselves are among some of the best no matter the situation.

When you go with our Morocco travel agency you can easily access the best Morocco Holidays packages all-inclusive that you can always rely on. This can really make your Morocco tours a lot more interesting and exciting than ever before. On top of that, there are a plethora of things to see and experience, and the payoff itself can be among some of the best no matter what might happen.

Upon enrolling in the family holidays in Morocco you will notice that the coastline is amazing even during the winter. It’s one of those places where you can still come and enjoy a stunning coastline and cherish your time with the entire family. That’s something unique, simple, and among some of the nicest experiences that you can have or explore all the time. You do want to give it a shot and the experience will grow all the time due to that.

Then there’s also the fact that you have the Sahara Desert. We all know that this is an astounding natural wonder, the largest desert in the world and it’s just an extraordinary place to visit and see for yourself. If you go with our package that includes Morocco holidays, you will actually be able to explore the desert and also spend the night under the stars in a traditional camp. It’s a very thoughtful, unique, and nothing short of an amazing experience that you do not want to miss at all.

Our Morocco Tours Packages

We offer short day trips, long holiday trips, small group excursions, Camel Trek, and private tours. Our services allow you to explore Morocco’s most beautiful places for a one-of-a-kind and jaw-dropping experience! Our excursions through the Sahara Desert in Morocco

The cuisine in Morocco is different when compared to other countries too. The food here is rather spicy and yes, there are many natural spices here that you can’t find anywhere else. Which makes every food a lot more interesting as you never really know what to expect all the time. It’s definitely different, exciting, and unique, so you do want to check it out and give it a try in a creative and unique manner.

Local history is always a great thing to cherish and appreciate at the same time. The country has a wonderful local history and tons of interesting buildings as well as museums that you want to check out and enjoy. It’s something different, and you will like it a lot just because it’s so distinctive and fun. If you like wonderful and exciting things to do, then this is definitely something to explore and you should totally keep it in mind. Morocco has everything you want and so much more from a cultural perspective. And rest assured that even if you know some stuff about the country, there’s a whole lot more to learn when you visit the country and that alone just makes a world of a difference to say the least.

Enjoy your Holidays in Morocco

Morocco is a popular tourist attraction due to its cool winters, hot summers, semi-arid climate and cool breezes on the coast. This country is an excellent combination of interesting elements from the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Whether it’s a lively bitch, a desert adventure or a beautiful beach,

Morocco Family Holidays

Thanks to a dose of culture, scenery and the world’s best spice markets, museums, tombs and stunning architecture, Morocco is a fantastic country to vacation. A vacation to Morocco is all-inclusive with on-site restaurants, the best pools and views within reach. Morocco is a true paradise in every way in terms of natural beauty and beautiful beaches.

Morocco is an excellent destination for a cheaper family vacation and marrakech desert tours offers a comprehensive service to our valued travelers. Due to cool weather conditions throughout the year, people can visit Morocco with their families. marrakech desert trip is highly motivated and aims to help families enjoy their tour with full pride and a luxurious stay. We take care of tourists according to their preferences and age group, so this tour will be the most amazing of their life.

Morocco Beach Holidays

Morocco has a coastline of about 1,200 miles and parts of it are almost untouched. We provide high-quality services to take our tourists to this beautiful beach for a luxury tour. Despite how many tours you can do in your life, we always try to make this tour the best and the most memorable. Most beaches in Morocco have plenty of sunshine with cool weather and conditions, so the idea of ​​a beach vacation in Morocco is great for enjoying natural beauty and the great outdoors.

Beach excursions in Morocco are ideal for adventure lovers as there are many striking and stunning stretches of coastline that are completely intact. On these beaches, tourists can enjoy the night under the stars and have the best unforgettable experiences. We provide the perfect guide for visiting these places so tourists can enjoy a stress-free stay and vacation on the Moroccan coast.

The Moroccan coast is the ideal destination for romantic honeymoon, family trips and business gatherings. The city is a fun and amazing place to explore and relax.

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Morocco’s major cities are full of intrigue, culture and history, as well as the best places to explore. Tourists can visit Morocco any time of the year and there is no bad time to visit this city. During spring the temperatures are moderate, the scenery is lush, the scenery is perfect and the walks. The weather is relatively calm all year round and is suitable for various events and festivals.

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Morocco Holidays Packages

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Holidays Guide of Morocco

Like every other country, Morocco has its national holidays. Apart from these national holidays, there are also several religious holidays. They are mostly Muslim because the majority of the population of Morocco is Muslim. Here we take you to a complete guide to holidays celebrated with great public union. These official holidays are associated with their traditions, history and religion.

Religious Holidays 

Morocco is considered a large Muslim country as nearly 93% of its population is Muslim. Thus, Islamic religious holidays are celebrated with joy and beautiful unity. There are also some vacations that are not about happiness. They remember some of the prophets who gave their lives in the name of Islam and embraced Shahada. All religious holidays are listed below and are also discussed in detail.

Id Sgir

It is a public religious holiday for Muslims. During the full month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. This exercise is carried out all over the world for a month. The date of this oath is determined by the month, because the Islamic month starts with a new moon. After fasting for 29 or 30 days, Muslims look for a new moon.

After seeing the moon in the month of Shawwal and finding enough people to see the moon for themselves, they declare that tomorrow will be an oath. This night is also celebrated thanks to their god and there is happiness in the middle. People cook and distribute sweets tonight and swear by. The day begins with a special Eid prayer and everyone is wearing new clothes and people pray for the betterment of humanity. Almost every business on Eid is closed and people share the joy with friends and family gatherings. People of all ages and all, poor or rich, are happily united on this day because that day has religious values. People follow the principles of sharing and caring.

Eid Kabir Eid-al-Adha 

This oath is celebrated in memory of the sacrifices of Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail. In the 10th Dzul-Hijjah, Muslims sacrifice certain animals. The day begins with a special prayer held in a large gathering where the people are dressed in new clothes. Only goats, cows and camels are sacrificed in memory of the greatest sacrifice of our prophets. At this oath, every business is closed and people cook the meat of the sacrificial animals. This oath also teaches lessons on unity and brotherhood, for meat is especially offered to the poor. Family and friends collect and cook meat in various forms for dinner and dinner.

Eid Al Mawlid Prophet Muhammad`s Birthday 

This oath is celebrated as a surrender of faith and a prophet. Unlike Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, there is no special prayer for this Eid. Usually people pray for their prophet and several events and celebrations take place on the streets, including religious music screenings. There are also several shops that have special sales that day.

Fatih Muharram Islamic New Year 

Muslims celebrate their Islamic New Year on the first Muharram. Official holidays are practiced in Morocco. This day is celebrated in large gatherings or in mosques where people pray for their religious verses and pray for their prophet. On the 10th of Muharram, Muslims spend this day as an event of mourning and praying for their prophets and umma as several prophets have accepted the creed at that time.

National Holidays

After discussing religious holidays, let’s discuss the national holidays that are celebrated in Morocco

Independence Manifesto Day  

In the 17th century, Morocco was ruled by other countries. These rulers changed over time, but a manifesto was filed on January 11, 1944 calling for complete independence as a nation. Today is an important date in Morocco’s struggle for independence. This day is celebrated as a national holiday.

New Year`s Day   

As New Year is celebrated all over the world, January 1 is an official holiday in Morocco every year for almost all businesses, the general public and schools.

Independence Day  

Morocco was ruled by various countries from the 17th century to the mid-20th century. In 1956, on November 18, Morocco finally became independent from all previous rulers. This day is celebrated as a national holiday in memory of their heroes of the past, whose sacrifices brought Morocco to an independent state.

Labor Day 

It is also an official holiday, as in other countries around the world. Where we pay tribute to American workers who have campaigned for workers’ rights around the world.

Throne Day 

July 30 is celebrated annually in Morocco as Throne Day. It is celebrated in memory of King Mohammed V’s ascension to the throne. On that day the king gave a speech to his people and parliament.

Oued Ed-Dahab Day 

It is practiced as an official holiday for the general public and commemorates the return of the Oued Ed-Dahab region to Morocco. This holiday falls on August 14 every year.

Revolution day

This day is celebrated on the 20th of August every year. It is also known as the Day of Kindness and People’s Revolution. Celebrating Sultan Mohammed V.

Youth day

It was celebrated immediately after revolution day. This makes the national day a two-day public holiday and is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Sultan Mohammed V.

Green March day

The Green March is a national holiday in Morocco and marks the anniversary of parades that began on that day in 1975.

It is a list of all official holidays. Here you can see that most of the holidays celebrated in Morocco are religious in nature or celebrated in memory of historical events relating to their leaders, victims of their society or their traditions.

Morocco Desert Tours

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Exploring erg chebbi

Exploring erg chebbi, Merzouga desert

When we think of Morocco, we immediately imagine these epinal images of camel caravans crossing the ocher dunes of the Sahara at sunset. This is exactly the kind of picture that we had in store for our stay in Merzouga Erg Chebbi, at the gates of the only Saharan erg in Morocco. Our coming to an end. The journey turned out to be a compendium of crazy landscapes and rewarding encounters, certainly one of the. We are now in Merzouga, a small, windswept village at the gateway to the Sahara. Travelers who come until all hope to see these regs flooded with light, these wadis flooded sand, and of course the majestic ocher dunes that make us dream so much. I have this special connection with the desert. Maybe I was a Bedouin in another life, which would certainly explain my choice of being a digital nomad today (not stupid). After visiting the, Atacama Desert in Chile, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, and, the time has finally come to experience a tiny little part of the world’s largest hot desert: the Sahara.

Discovering Erg Chebbi in Merzouga

Erg Chebbi

Erg Chebbi in the Tafilalet Valley on the outskirts of Merzouga, Chigaga is with the only Saharan erg in Morocco traveled huge dunes of 150 meters of average height. For centuries, the Merzouga region has been a real crossroads between the civilizations of the African desert. From the terrace of our hostel-kasbah, we can already see the first voluptuous sand dunes stretching out towards what seems to be infinity. The desert calls us. Mama Africa is calling us. As soon as the scorching heat fades, we mount our camels for a camel trek in the desert 2 hours to reach our camp at the foot of the Erg Chebbi dunes.

camel caravan in the Merzouga desert

Our camels slowly entered the desert in single file with a slow and swaying step. The play of shadows on the sand dunes hypnotizes me and almost makes me forget the discomfort of my mount. I feel alive again in this virgin wild nature that does not lie. Sand dunes stretch across the horizon regardless of borders. Over there, somewhere is Algeria, but the dunes and the wind pass through the countries. In the middle of this space which seems infinite, we feel infinitely small. We lose all our bearings the better to find them. It’s only the present moment that matters. The past is immediately swept away by the wind like the footprints of our dromedaries on the sand. I think of those nomads who have chosen this simple, decluttered way of life in an environment that seems so inhospitable. What an incredible display of resilience and endurance! Two hours and a few aches in the buttocks later, we are far from Merzouga. Our Berber tent sahara desert camps.

3 days tour from marrakech to merzouga

Sunset over the dunes of the Sahara

Sunset over the dunes

Not a minute to lose. You absolutely have to climb to the top of this dune so as not to miss any of the sunset. Easier said than done. For every step we take in this quicksand, we take two steps back. You end up getting on all fours to successfully climb to the top. Challenge met. We are out of breath, soaked in sweat, very silted up, but our efforts are rewarded by a magnificent spectacle of light on these mounds permanently sculpted by the wind. The dunes are illuminated by golden shades before igniting in red, fuchsia, light pink, a whole range of shapes and colors designed by the last light of day. With our small group of friends, we suddenly want to sing at the top of our lungs. The sound echoes endlessly, but no one can hear our wrong notes, except perhaps our camel drivers who must now be quite used to the euphoric reactions of visitors to Merzouga.

Overnight camping under the stars in the middle of a dune ocean

merzouga sahara desert camp

Back to the camp, a tagine washed down with mint tea welcomes us. Guests then come out “Guembri” (kind of guitar with three strings), “djembe” (drum) and “Rattlesnakes” (a type of castanets) for a small concert music and traditional songs, the opportunity to try these funny instruments and share some giggles. Before bed, we go back on our dune in the dark to admire the sky studded with stars and shooting stars. Never has the Milky Way been so brilliant, far from the visual pollution of big cities. Lying on the sand in this silence and absolute darkness, I think of this vast desert that surrounds us and everything it contains unknown, as it was once an ocean or perhaps a savannah where prehistoric species still lived. More than a simple absence of noise, the silence that reigns sharpens all our senses and our.

3 Days Tour from Marrakech to Fes via Merzouga