About Us

Marrakech Desert is an entity of Authentic Sahara Tours, specialized in offering days trips starting from Marrakech. Our team is committed to operating outstanding day trips, desert trips and tours with high quality and reasonable prices. We offer a unique and professional service giving you the opportunity to experience the best of Morocco. Our excursions are always about meeting and exchanging with the people, life, and culture of the Berbers who live in several villages you’ll have the chance to visit with us.

We believe that the best way to explore authentic and original Morocco is going out of Marrakech, taking one of our day trips or tours. We offer a wide range of Marrakesh activities , day trips and one day Excursions on daily basis .

Excursions Marrakech

Discover Marrakech through our guided Morocco excursions and day trips : imperial, majestic and famous for its legendary charm, history and folklore. According to an Arab proverb “Who lives sees much. Who travels sees more !”

Behind its 12km of red Ochre walls which has given it the nick name, Red city or Ochre city, the city which was once the capital city has become modern while retaining its spirits and traditions.
It offers plenty of places to explore: mosques, fountains, palaces and the legendary place Djemaa el-Fna square.

Tours in Morocco

We have designed exciting tours for you. Discover the diversity of the Saharan landscapes, mountains, oases, and some of its most beautiful Kasbah. However the itinerary can be tailored to meet your preferences.

You can enjoy the sweetness and pleasure of the oasis one day longer than expected or you can walk longer to use a more difficult access. We can redesign our program to align it with what you love most about travel. Similarly, should the weather prevent us from getting to a particular place, we will customize the tour to meet the prevailing weather conditions.

Travel is made easy and fun. We have well organized transport at your disposal : A plane, an ATV and a driver guide who speaks your language.

Our Camel trips

The Sahara is one of the last sanctuaries of the world, a place that we do not seek to conquer, but which we must adapt. The peace and calmness of the desert evoke a need to share and a feeling of oneness.
This atmosphere has led the Sahrawi to develop a culture of sharing their natural resources freely with others.

The Sahrawi developed their nomadic culture which in turn has made trekking part and parcel of their lives. Camel trips are a product of this rich culture. It is this culture that we propose to you , to discover the daily life of nomadic Moors of southern Morocco.

Our specialty: Trek in Morocco

Morocco is a wonderful place for lovers of hiking and trekking. You will enjoy entire days of walking in the High Atlas and camping in the villages or in night shelters. During your daily walks, you will appreciate the contact with the locals and the wealth of our mountains.

Middle Atlas
The Middle Atlas displays a spectacularly beautiful range of mountains carpeted in green with cedar and Oak trees. the small town of Ifrane is used as a tourist destination in summer due to its mild temperatures. The forest skirts the the desolate highlands and barley crops adapt themselves perfectly to the nearby lakes. The Oleander form a guard of honour for the river Oumer rbia (commonly referred to as mother of springs) which joins with the 40 sources.

Parallel to the Atlantic shores is the Anti-atlas agadir close to 2,000m which offers a stunning scenary and ruins of ancient granite landforms. The feature consists of massive piles of balls stacked, covered with original vegetation: Cactus, almond trees, Oleanders. The beautiful rock formation, incredible blue rocksand the agadir (castles) are a sight to behold.

High Atlas
High Atlas is one of the most beautiful physical features in Morocco. Riding strong, streaking across the country from the South West to North east, the High Atlas is one of the greatest mountains of the world, the ideal place for hiking in Morocco. Sharp peaks, deep valleys, high plateau create a lovely landscape. It is an ideal place to relax away from the city and enjoy the picturesque scenary.

Whether you are a regular or occasional visitor, we help you live your dream of Trekking in the Moroccan Atlas on just a few tours.