Often forgotten as a getaway, the capital of Morocco offers voyagers a refreshing view away from old European destinations. And here’s 5 things about Marrakech that make it so:

The lush culture – Located at the foot of the Atlas mountains, Marrakech is an enciting blend of Spanish, Arabic, and French influences and all are evident in its historical air. The city is dotted with rust-colored ruins left from ancient times.

The souks – These open air markets are what most people go for! The ones in Medina are world-famous and shopkeepers often speak fluent Arabic and French and sometimes English and Spanish. You can find almost anything for sale here even wooden doors!

The Koutoubia Minaret – The tallest minaret in the city towers at 70 metres tall and dates to the 12th century. Only Muslims can go into the mosque, but non-Muslims can admire it from afar. Keep a sharp earfor the prayer bells!

The Saadian Tombs – Constructed by a sultan in the 16th century, these tombs are a major tourist attraction. The mausoleum itself holds about 60 corpses of the Saadi Dynasty. Every room is extremely ornate and breathtakingly beautiful, decorated with cedar wood and stucco.

Medina – The ancient, walled inner City of Marrakech is mostly narrow meandering alleyways and ruins, but it is always buzzing with activity. Lots of markets and places to relax and people watch make it an ideal place for tourists. The elaborate archways are a product of Moorish design and with the mosaics, provide a scenic setting.