In the southeastern Morocco, 35 km in the southeast of Rissani, the beautiful village of morocco Merzouga is situated with the highest sand dunes in north of morocco. Between the Zagora and Erfoud, mostly visited dunes in Morocco are quite near this warm climatic village. With the mixture of Arab and Barber population, Merzouga is […]

Essaouira Morocco is a small town which is close to coastal area in Africa. It is one of the beautiful place in which you can have your vacation with friends and families. When you visit this place the most common thing you can see is tall white houses with yellow details on it and blue […]

Morocco officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco is a country located in North Africa. It is a country which has many attractions, from culture to arts, historic monuments, clubbing, sightseeing, great food and wine. Morocco is also famous for its wonderful bazaars, beaches and palaces. Morocco tourist destinations are visited by many tourists every […]

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